6 thoughts on “PPT vs Prezi

  1. Hi! Great new site! I think there has been less adoption of Prezi in EAP, due to the fact that it hasn’t really infiltrated the academic world. I personally don’t see it very much in either context here in Canada. What about Adobe Slate? Have you tried it out? https://standout.adobe.com/slate/ (Unfortunately only available via iTunes and apps for iDevices for the moment…)


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Jennifer! Only a couple of my students did Prezi’s during their pre-sessional course last year, but I think this year there may be more. Thanks for the link – I’ll investigate. I’ve just met Focusky – similar to Prezi; free. http://focusky.com/


  2. Hi Pete, congrats on the new site!

    I’m not a huge fan of Prezi – all the zooming a swooshing gets tiring very quickly. I think the issue for student presentations has got very little to do with technology and lots to do with language. Indeed, my approach to presentations on an EAP course is to limit their use of technology – few slides, little text and absolutely no transitions. That’s easy to set up in powerpoint because I can simply specify a number of slides, a font size, etc. It’s almost impossible to control in Prezi. I want students to focus on their presentation skills – talking to the audience rather than letting the presentation software talk for them. Yes, pretty old-school.,


    1. Hi Pete – cheers. Great to hear from you. Good point – quite realistic too. I’m doing PPTs for my next trip as I don’t have much time to ‘indulge’ in creating…


  3. Why not both of them?
    Chou et al. [1], investigate the effectiveness of various digital presentation tools (PowerPoint and Prezi) on students learning performance. Their results show that Prezi is a more efficient instructional medium for knowledge acquisition compared with traditional instruction; however, PowerPoint demonstrated instructional effectiveness on only the long-term learning retention of the students compared with traditional instruction. Hence; combining the power of a slide-based software (such as PowerPoint) and a canvas-based product (such as Prezi) can enhance the effectiveness of current digital presentation tools in universities.

    I would like to introduce Academic Presenter that I built for my Ph.D. presentation. Now, it is freely available. Academic Presenter combines the potency of slideware presentation software products with canvas-ware. Users can switch between two common presentation trends based on the level of details; for introducing general topics, they can employ a nonlinear flow and switch to a conventional linear presentation for exhibiting details.You may want to learn more by looking at my YouTube channel where I uploaded tutorial videos.

    Download Link: http://danialesm.wix.com/academic
    YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxB7byx-3rdqbLdCP9CAyww

    [1]. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0360131515300695


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